This site is dedicated to all those who understand and seek true freedom.

Like to fly high in the sky free like an eagle?

Jay Mackay

Not too many people, especially women, can claim to have achieved whatever they wanted in their life. Fortunately I am one of them. I am very proud to say that I have achieved all my dreams. Total freedom, a wonderful husband, a home in India and a summerhouse in Canada, enough money in both banks what more could I ask for? In addition I have the love and affection of thousands of young people whom I associate with. What is my secret? I have been one of those people who has recognized a good opportunity when it came my way and made the right decision at the right time. Put in focused efforts and achieved my goals. It is my desire to help you in any way I can through the postings in this blog to achieve your goals and claim to be as happy as I am, as young and active as I am at this age.

About Freedom

Freedom is not FREE! We have to work for it, pay for it and accept the responsibilities that comes with it.

I would gladly do all that and more to have my freedom any day. Won't you?

Let us start.

Freedom Defined ....

Before we can embark on our journey to Freedom, we need to define what we mean by Freedom. Countries become independent and have Freedom (July 1st marked such a day for my Canadian readers, July 4th to U.S. readers and Aug 15th Independence day is today for all my Indian readers!). But do you? Really?

What we are talking about here is the individual freedom. Individual freedom can be catogorised into three types.

Personal Freedom
Financial Freedom
Time Freedom